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ALISSACHNI is an ancient Greek word which etymology comes from Als which is salt, the joy of life, and Achni which stands for the sea spray, the coolness of the Myconian blue waters.

The word Alissachni was firstly used in Homer’s Odyssey and Heliad.

Having studied Greek literature and culture we wanted to impress it in our hotels suggesting the quality of our services and the hospitality we offer our guests.

In Mykonos, a dream is born with our new Boutique Hotel where elegance and comfort finally meet. Visit us and get to know our famous Greek Hospitality applied to a luxurious but yet minimalistic hotel.

Our philosophy is that Greek culture is a way of modern living and we wish to offer this experience to our guests as well.

Your visit will be a gateway to iconic memories, enveloping guests in the sounds, flavors and imagery of Mykonos. At the very end, Mykonos island will ensure that the memories will linger long after you leave…
















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