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Pastry Shops in Mykonos

If you have been craving a sweet treat, there are many wonderful Pastry Shops in Mykonos that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are plenty of options, including ice cream, croissants, and cakes.

There are many more options, too, like traditional Greek desserts.

The town itself is a labyrinth of cobblestone alleys adorned with bright blue and white paint. There are also lots of cute boutiques and cafes lining the streets.

And if you can’t decide which one to visit, wander around the town in the early morning when the party crowds are sleeping. And, don’t miss the famous Mykonos ice cream shop.

For more sweet treats, visit Gioras Bakery in Mykonos Town

This internationally-known bakery is run by a Turkish celebrity chef and is located on a hillside next to Boni’s windmill.

The baklava here is one of the best in the island. The view from the rooftop terrace is amazing and you’ll want to come back again for more.

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The best way to get your fill of pastries in Mykonos is to visit a few of these bakeries while you’re there.

The island’s central square is arguably the most lively part. It’s lined with souvenir stalls and cute tavernas.

You can even visit the open air market there, where you can sample local goat cheese and fresh produce. The whitewashed buildings in the center of the village are stunningly picturesque.

In the evening enjoy a cup of espresso or cappuccino at any of the popular coffee shops on the island.

The best pastries in Mykonos are made from fresh, local ingredients. You can find these pastries in the town’s bakeries, which are also popular among tourists.

The pastry shops in Mykonos also feature unique designs. If you’re looking for an old-fashioned treat, try to get your pastry fix from a traditional Greek bakery.

It’s sure to be delicious! And with such delicacies, you can enjoy the island’s famous kosher desserts.


For the ultimate in sweet treats, visit the Epoca bakery

Its original owners aimed to serve pure ice cream. They have also added non-refrigerated desserts to their menu.

The ethos of a la carte restaurants and pastry is blended in this pastry shop.

The shop is located in the picturesque Ignatiou Basiliou lane, a charming Myconian town.