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Yacht rental Mykonos: 5 reasons to go for it and have the ultimate experience

Do you want to visit Mykonos and admire its beauties from a different perspective? To travel to the nearby small islands and escape on your own to deserted beaches with turquoise waters and white sand?
Visit hidden coves or go island hopping to discover the beauties of other Cycladic islands? Do you want to surprise your partner, organize a private party, get engaged or renew your wedding vows?
Whatever you want, the ideal solution consists of three words: Yacht rental Mykonos. This is the way to have the best holiday of your life on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Yacht rental in Mykonos is the best way to gather amazing experiences and to recharge your batteries for the next winter. Below, we suggest five reasons to venture out on a yacht rental in Mykonos and experience the ultimate holiday experience

Yacht rental for island hopping

You’ve finally arrived in Mykonos, seen the beaches and lived the wild life, but you want to explore some of the neighbouring Cycladic islands before returning home. Island hopping is the best way to spend your holiday, as this way you can experience three or even four islands.
So choose the islands you want to see. Maybe Naxos, Tinos, Paros or even the stately Syros or the stunning Santorini. The ideal way to do this is to hire a yacht and travel to the islands you want.
Yacht rental in Mykonos allows you to make your own schedule and choose when you arrive and leave each island. As well as how many days or even hours you will stay on each one. Make your schedule the way you want and have the best holiday of your life in the beautiful Cyclades.

Yacht rental Mykonos: Day or multi-day excursions

The best way for you to organize wonderful day trips to the island’s beaches or discover the nearby small islands is one: Yacht rental Mykonos. Of course, you can stay overnight on board and return to your base whenever you wish.
• Discover hidden coves or see some of the most famous beaches of the island such as Elia, Kalo Livadi, Agia Anna, Kalafatis, Lia and Psarrou. Swim in their deep blue waters and when you have rested, return to your boat to start your next excursion.
• Another suggestion for which a boat rental is necessary is to take small cruises to the nearby small islands of Mykonos, specifically to Tragonisi, Delos and Rineia.
• Combine enchanting beaches and enrich your knowledge with facts about the ancient Greek civilization on the wonderful island of Delos. Relax on the deserted beaches on the little island of Rineia and enjoy your swim at Tragonisi, which is a sanctuary for the monachus – monachus seal.

Make memories

The best way to create great memories is to have special moments that you will never forget. Even if you haven’t organized anything beforehand, you will surely figure it out. Everywhere on the island you will find advertisements, but also billboards of companies with the magic words: Yacht rental Mykonos.
• Rent a yacht in Mykonos and take an enchanting night sunset cruise along the coastline. What could be more beautiful than seeing the atmospheric little Venice with its cafes from the deck of the yacht.
• Organise a barbecue on a deserted beach.
• Ask for a romantic dinner on the yacht. Taste delicious recipes from the yacht’s chef with traditional Greek dishes, Mediterranean or even international cuisine.
• Feel like rich and famous by renting a yacht for one, two or three days and have fun on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Visit wonderful beaches, live unique experiences and treat yourself to a little… luxury and an air of cosmopolitan life. The «island of winds» will make your holidays unforgettable.

Party on a yacht

The advantages of yacht rental in Mykonos are really too many. And perhaps one of the most important is the wonderful parties you can organize on board a yacht. In Mykonos, there are yacht rental companies that provide you with the best solutions and suggestions for parties depending on the number of guests or the reason for which you are organizing it.
Also, one of the best events you can attend while in Mykonos are the amazing parties – cruises with famous DJ’s from all over the world. Whether your friends are organizing it or you are just a guest, parties on a yacht are one of the best experiences.

Thematic cruises of all kinds

Themed cruises are a wonderful experience, well worth having. So combine your Mykonos holiday with a special event that has a special meaning for you. You can: Celebrate your or your partner’s birthday with a party on a yacht, a day trip or a dinner for friends.
• Have your wedding party on a yacht or celebrate your wedding anniversary.
• Organize a party to renew vows during a wonderful dusk cruise on the waters of Mykonos.
• A boat is definitely the best place to have a bachelor party. Your best friends, delicious food and drinks of your choice, music by well-known DJs will create a unique setting.
• Also, corporate events are organized on Mykonos yachts, which usually serve as a bonus for the employees of large companies.
• There is always the option to create your own personalized cruise depending on what you want to celebrate or the experience you want to have. Again try these three words: Yacht rental Mykonos.

How to rent a yacht in Mykonos

To rent a boat in Mykonos the process is very easy. Visit the websites of the companies active in boat rental and choose the yacht you like.
There are boats that offer particularly luxurious services, while there are various models depending on the number of people they can accommodate. So you will find boats that can accommodate from 4 to 5 guests or more than 25 people. Certainly some boats can fit many more people if it is just a party without an overnight stay.
In addition, information about yacht rental in Mykonos and also reservations can be made at tourist agencies by booking a package that includes everything.